I won’t lie. We’re having a break. A jolly holiday. Or rather, a holiday from The Jolly: ten lovely long weeks without plumping a pillow or flicking a duster. 

Our laundry basket has never looked so empty and I’ve barely picked up the iron. Prepping fresh flowers and welcome packs is a distant memory…remind me – what’s the keysafe code? 

Don’t judge me! It’s guilt-free, thanks to a long term booking by a lovely London couple while their Herne Bay new build is made move-in ready. This extended staycation gives our guests breathing space as they re-locate and transform from DFLs into locals.  

So we get a window to smash our winter goals – high level stuff like maintenance planning, bedlinen auditing, duvet laundering and carpet opinion polling (professional cleaning with Vax back-up rates high if you’re interested). 

Creative stuff like locally sourcing a unique and beautiful gift for every guest on arrival thanks to @whitstablebeachfinds.

Fun stuff like quality checking our favourite locals for dog-friendliness: the East Kent https://theeastkentpub.com/ Rock Lodge https://www.therocklodge.co.uk/ Pearson’s Arms http://www.pearsonsarmswhitstable.co.uk/ and the newly reopened Smack Inn https://www.smackwhitstable.co.uk/. Spoiler alert – each scored a high woof rating.

And scary stuff like WEBSITE BUILDING *whimpers*. 

A friend recently shared a post on two-word horror stories, toe-curlers like: 

Surprise party

Team building

Quick word

Terrifying as these are, can I add a three-worder that strikes fear into the heart of all task-focused perfectionists:

Work in progress

Search “one step forward, two steps back” and “website building” will appear. Fellow non-techy chancers – am I wrong?! 

That long-awaited euphoria as you hit the publish button to see your precious pages finally go live, is oh so short-lived as the penny drops that this is just the start of a demanding and guilt-ridden relationship. SSL, HTML, SEO and our old friend GDPR are the stuff of acronym nightmares as your To Do list grows ever longer.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s the best feeling to create something that seemed so unachievable but like most “journeys” you do wonder if you’d have signed up knowing the work involved. A bit like adopting a Romanian rescue dog. Yes I’m looking at you Teddy. But more on Himself next time. 

For now it’s nice to know I can tick January Jollyblog off my To Do sublist before returning to the day job next weekend. 

Stay warm and see you in the spring! 

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